Three Jedi Force Speeders at HTS

Hasbro Toy Shop gives us a look at the three smaller vehicles being released in the Jedi Force line later this month!  They’re listed for $11.99 each, which includes a figure to pilot each ship.  I’ve got to admit, these are starting to grow on me, and I’m particularly excited to add the Landspeeder to my Galactic Heroes collection.  Take a look at these speeders in both their loose and carded forms below.  Thanks to AaylaSecurasMan from forums for the heads up.

AT-ST: US bound

 A big surprise greeted AaylaSecurasMan from the Rebelscum forums when he found an AT-ST at his local Toys R Us!  It was priced at $34.99, but did not have a “TRU Exclusive” logo on it, so it’s tough to say whether it will see general distribution or not.  He reports finding only 2 at each of a few TRUs in Arizona, so it will likely be fairly limited wherever it does show up.  Good luck in your hunt!

… And Living in the UK Pays Off Too!

Here’s another shot of the Scout Walker, courtesy of TheToon from TheRumorBuster’s forums!  He’s a resident of the good ol’ UK, so he was fortunate enough to get his hands on it and took some fantastic pics.  Be sure to head over and check them out!  Can you tell this blogger is infatuated with the AT-ST? 😉

Having Friends in the UK…

… Really pays off, particularly for regular reader GH Customs who managed to get his hands on the new AT-ST!  He was kind enough to send us a couple great pics:

AT-ST: A Vehicle With No Home?

The bad news for the AT-ST continues.   Now it appears that not only is the Hoth AT-ST Assault set delayed, but perhaps even cancelled as an exclusive with Kohl’s!  A member of the site, Mike, claims he was in contact with Hasbro and they confirmed the deal has fallen through with the US retailer and no longer has an expected release date.  Perhaps this will be actually be a blessing and Hasbro can find a more toy-focused retailer to get this onto the market.  However, please keep in mind nothing is written in stone yet…

I recently attempted to get this site added to the monthly Q&A session that Hasbro conducts with a number of collecting sites, but unfortunately they (kindly) denied us access since it is at its maximum capacity at this point.  So now is the time for fans of Galactic Heroes to request your favourite Star Wars websites ask about the future of the AT-ST!

AT-ST Delayed in the US

Some disappointing news for us waiting for the AT-ST in North America — JediNews has confirmed the Scout Walker’s release as a Kohl’s exclusive has been delayed this fall.  No word yet on when we should expect it, but it may be worth the delay if Hasbro can find a better retailer for it.

AT-ST Spotted on eBay

Great news for all of us waiting (impatiently) for the upcoming AT-ST!  It has been spotted on ebay from a UK seller.  Once an item makes its way onto ebay, it usually means we will be seeing it at retail in the next few weeks.  So I’d say it’s time to make Kohl’s a regular stop on your toy hunts in the next while.  Thanks to Nikto for the heads up!

Edit – Readers from the UK will be interested to know that the AT-ST is exclusive to Argos, as explained by JediNews.

Vehicle Wishlist – Let’s get your ideas!

I’ve decided it’s time to make this place a little more interactive.  Hasbro has become more involved with the online community and what they want to see from various toy lines, so why don’t we let them know what Galactic Heroes need to be made?  We’ll start with vehicles.  And we’ll make this fairly easy – suggest up to 10 vehicles you want, simply by posting in the comments (less than 10 is fine, whatever you can come up with).  Let’s see how many ideas we can generate before the end of October!  I’d like to thank a regular reader, GH Customs, for his encouragement to get this started.

AT-ST Coming!

I just finished sitting in on the Hasbro panel at Celebration V, where they revealed a new vehicle coming – the AT-ST! It will include an AT-ST Driver, Darth Vader, and 2 Snowtroopers. It is an exclusive for Kohl’s, which is certainly something new for the GH line. Look for it in stores very soon – September!

Galactic Heroes AT-AT, Canadian Style

Yesterday was a very good day for this Galactic Heroes collector — the AT-AT showed up at my local Walmart and I’m a tad excited about adding this kickass toy to my collection.  Here’s a  look at the packaging as designed for the Canadian market.  Enjoy!

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