A Look at Japanese Packaging

This post is geared toward collectors that are as interested in the packaging of the Galactic Heroes line as the figures themselves.  Thanks to Darth Jaxx at POTF2.com, I was able to get my hands on a Japanese packaging variant of the Dengar and Boba Fett 2-pack.  It uses the first style of US packaging from 2004 – the black and white STAR WARS logo with light blue shading in the background, as well as the green STAR WARS logo on the insert.  However, it’s fairly obvious that this is more than US packaging with the presence of the Japanese sticker that covers the “Ages 3 – 8” writing.

The back of the card gives absolutely no hints about the true origin of this packaging, just the standard images of the other sets in the wave and English text only.  However, when you look at the bottom, that’s when you discover the “jackpot” of Japanese lettering.  It is a large sticker covering the English labelling.  Of course, the meaning of the text isn’t that sexy since it’s just the typical warnings and contact info, but the presence of foreign text is just something different to enjoy.

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