Endor Diorama at Griffin’s Galactic Heroes

More diorama creativity can be seen today, this time at Griffin’s Galactic Heroes, where he has created an Endor display. ¬†Naturally, the AT-AT fits right in!

Mike’s Galactic Heroes Get a Home

A couple months ago I showcased some fantastic dioramas created by Mike Davis, as seen here. ¬†Well now he’s put some massive work into creating his own site, so head over to Mike’s Galactic Heroes and enjoy!

2010 Wave 3 Revealed!

The Hasbro team has just shown us 3 of the 4 2-packs in 2010’s Wave 3! Included are a new Darth Vader (with his hands on his hips) and Luke Bespin; a Training Clone and Sergeant Bric; and a Senate Commando and an Aqua Battle Droid. The 4th pack will be revealed later.

AT-ST Coming!

I just finished sitting in on the Hasbro panel at Celebration V, where they revealed a new vehicle coming – the AT-ST! It will include an AT-ST Driver, Darth Vader, and 2 Snowtroopers. It is an exclusive for Kohl’s, which is certainly something new for the GH line. Look for it in stores very soon – September!

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