This is the end…

Instead of Toy Fair bringing us exciting news about upcoming releases for the Galactic Heroes line, it has brought us quite the opposite. Yes, our pint sized line is being shelved. In its place will be some figures similar to the Jedi Force ones from a couple years ago, but made smaller. Disappointing news, to say the least. Thanks to The Stolen CCG License for the news.

20 Responses to This is the end…

  1. dc32 says:

    It’s a shame, but I think was inevitable. Only Star Wars line I was a completionist with…’cept that damned AT-ST!! They better bring that out at least.

    Oh and Rebelscum has a pic of the new “Jedi Force” line… meh. I may cherry pick a few of my favorite characters but definitely not buying all of them.

    • Craig says:

      I sent the following letter to Hasbro:

      To whom it may concern,

      I am a big fan of your Galactic Heroes line of Star Wars figures. I have purchased many ships and well over 100 figures. I was sad to learn this line will be discontinued, and was really hoping to purchase the AT-ST. I see it was released in the UK, but was waiting for the release in the US.

      How can I get my hands on one (asside from paying hundreds of dollars on eBay)? Can you tell me if it will be reissued in the “Jedi Force” line? or Will it be released in the Galactic Heroes line before it is officially ended?

      Any information on this would be great,


      Below is the reply I got back:

      Thank you for contacting Hasbro.

      The Star Wars Galactic Heroes AT-ST is tentatively schedule for release summer 2011. All dates are subject to change.

      I want to assure you that we are dedicated to maintaining quality products and service. I hope you and your family will continue to enjoy our products for many years to come.

      Again, thank you for contacting us.
      Response (Charlotte) 04/07/2011 12:28 PM

      A NEW HOPE!

    • MathiasT says:

      I purchased the AT-ST as toys-r-us in Layton, Utah yesterday!

  2. Nikto says:

    By the looks of the photos from Toy Fair the GH vehicles are going to be reused for the Jedi Force figures. Anakin’s EPII Jedi starfighter and the snow speeder.

    We might get some repaints of existing vehicles at the very least. Hopefully if they are using the scale of the current GH vehicles then the new Jedi Force Landspeeder will be GH friendly!

  3. TheYodaMan says:

    Why don’t we all write hasbro and tell them we want the line back, and tell everyone to do so as well, and hopefully if they get enough letters, they will continue the line.

  4. Schoolhater18 says:

    So with the line ending will this website accept the new jedi force?? Whatt will happen to this site?

    • JesseVader08 says:

      Honestly, I’m not sure what this means for the site. I’m not really interested in the Jedi Force line, so I doubt I will expand into coverage of it.

  5. Brian Hoover says:

    Oh, man, that’s terrible news. Sorry to hear it.

  6. Rufus says:


    that is very disapointing to here because galactic hero figures are so cuddly. Its a shame the person in charge must be stoned for this decision 😦

    I hope they change this decision next year or the vehicles for Jedi Force can be conect with Galactic Heroes figures.
    Most certainly I will get Anakins Jedi Fighther of this new line, because its the only vehicle I don`t get in the past.

  7. Brian says:

    Did Hasbro give a reason why they stopped the GH line? It seems like there is still enough demand to keep going.

  8. Obi Want Kenobi says:

    I have been collecting this line for four years…my children got sick of it, they do not want any more, although I got addicted….Honestly, I think the new line looks pretty cool. They are better positioned to compete against the Imaginext line with Batman, Pirates, etc (we have some of these). They are articulated, legs and feet stand straight (my son jokes about how widely opened GH’s legs are). We have to get over it…It was coming, Hasbro had exhausted all characters…what else could they do? Another Anakin, ObI Wan, Darth? How many of these do we have? Let’s see the positive, new figures will fit the GH vehicles and are comparable in size, they can be played along. Seeing you all on ebay…: )

    • The Stolen CCG License says:

      If changing styling convinces retailers to put them back on the pre-school aisle, yeah that’ll open up the competition alright. It’s an interesting match-up: Jedi Force has the costly Star Wars licenses, and won’t be able to get away with grabbing a civilian van and painting it up as Two-Face’s get-away vehicle; but it does already have a huge vehicle library that we were kind enough to subsidize for them the last few years. Pricing will be interesting.

      They did a ton of great characters… but “exhausted”? pffffft. The Jedi Force guys are cool. They are vaguely compatible. But in no way are they an alternative to “Another Anakin, Obi Wan, Darth”. The entire run of the line will now be nothing except “Another Anakin, Obi Wan, Darth”. We’ve seen our last pre-school Cantina guy – and that’s worth (moderately) lamenting together.

  9. Myrddin says:

    I hate to say it, but if this means I can get more vehicles for my kids, then that’s a good thing. The shelf life for the sets theses past years has been short. I tried to get the Jango Slave 1, but could never find it, and it was never available on

    As for new figures, I think we own around 50-75 GH figures. Except for vehicles (AT-AST!!), we were about done anyway.

  10. David says:

    This is too bad. My son and I were excited to see if new ones were going to be released at Toy Fair. He’s 4 and he absolutely loves getting new GH figures. He has already become a “completionist”. Over the past two years between us, his grandparents, aunts, and uncles, he has amassed a collection of about 150 figures and still wants new ones. He’s got a bunch of the vehicles as well.

    The Jedi Force look similar and I’m sure he’d like them, but like someone pointed out, they are just going to be releasing characters we already have. Hopefully we’ll see some characters that haven’t made it to GH. Then maybe I’ll buy some. I’m just glad we started getting my son into Star Wars Lego this past Christmas. He can transfer the “completionist” mindset he inherited from me to that line of toys.

  11. Sal P says:

    This is a tragic turn of events. My 8 yr old daughter has been collecting this line since I bought her her first Millenium Falcon in 2004. She and I were speculating at the new Savage Oppress, Zam Wesell, an actual “Queen Amidala” or new Ahsoka outfit or the new vehicles she was hoping would be released. My four yr old son is also an avid fan and their shared Galactic Heroes collection, while not quite complete, has only a few holes in it. This line has been their sole collection through the years. My daughter is extremely disappointed in this decision and is writing a letter to Hasbro as I’m typing. I for one will be following Yodaman’s advice and will be writing them my own letter. Don’t forget that this line did disappear once before and came back strong so I choose to believe all hope is not lost. As for the jedi force line, it doesn’t look very interesting and it will definitely be nothing but “another Anakin and another Obi-Wan” but I will be interested in the vehicles if they are compatible with the Galactic Heroes. I seriously cannot believe there is not enough demand for this product. Every time a new wave is released the empty store pegs prove otherwise. From the Cinema scenes, to the 2-packs, and the Vehicle line we were promised, the products were well done and my children were never disappointed. I don’t think they’re the only kids who are saddened by this turn of events and I hope Hasbro sees this mistake and rectifies this decision. As for this site I think it’s great and I hope it stays and expands upon what it already has.


  12. Grendelspyce says:

    This news was tragically received at my house as well. Just when I thought I was over it I found myself perusing my display case and realizing I’ll never see a Savage Opress… and I was bummed out all over again. I’ve never been much for customizing but I may take a stab at it, maybe even try outright sculpting my own.

    Regarding contacting Hasbro, is there an address that is best for sending our letters to?

  13. Brendan says:

    I sent an email to hasbro. You can send one at their site.

  14. Scott says:

    NOOOOO!!! At least we need a Scorch and Sev! Can’t have only half of Delta Squad!

  15. Grendelspyce says:

    I just sent an email as well, the link is below:

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