Hasbro Q&A Summary for June 2011

Hasbro’s recent Q&A had a couple questions regarding the Galactic Heroes line, here’s what they had to say:

1. JediNewssource

The Galactic Heroes line was a fan favourite but after 9 years I guess it was time for something new. The Jedi Force line looks fantastic and making the vehicles compatible was a very welcome idea. However, there are a few figures that we’re missing from the Galactic Heroes line such as the other half of the Republic Commandos… is there any chance you’d consider releasing one more Cinema Scene featuring a selection of these ‘missing’ figures – maybe we could even vote for the figures we’d like to see? If not for retail, would you consider it as a convention exclusive?

No further Galactic Heroes packs are planned, but another Cinema Scene pack would be a cool addition. Perhaps someday in the future…

2.  16bit.comsource

How finished is Galactic Heroes as a line? Have we seen the last of it? The AT-ST hit stores the week we submitted these questions, but are there additional exclusives, repaints, gift sets, or other items in the pipeline?

Galactic Heroes had a great run, but the line is now done. We think you’ll like what you see in the new Jedi Force line.

Thanks to David (ghcustoms) for pointing out these questions.
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