Griffin’s Galactic Heroes

Our beloved Galactic Heroes just beg to be displayed, right?  Well, I received a link to Griffin’s Galactic Heroes where he has created some great dioramas:

Hoth Battle Playset

Cantina Scene Playset

Check ’em out and enjoy!

Showcasing a Fan’s Customs

I first came across David Simpson’s customs on Rebelscum (where he is known as jedi_ds) and Hasbro’s Heroes (where he is known as ghcustoms).   He has shown quite a knack for creating figures of characters not made yet in the Galactic Heroes style, so I asked if I could post them on the ol’ blog.  He was nice enough to rephotograph some of them in diorama style, so enjoy!

We start off with the Mos Eisley Cantina, where you can see a number of patrons including Yerka Mig, Biggs, Djas Puhr, BoShek, Danz Borin, Lirin Car’n, Garouf Lafoe and Hrchek Kal Fas.

Next are a number of figures from one of my favourite scenes in the Original Trilogy, ice planet Hoth.  Here we have Han (no hood), Leia (helmet & goggles), Hoth speeder bike, K-3PO,R-3PO, Rebel Trooper and  Toryn Farr.

And to finish we have Bespin, home to the greatest scoundrel in the universe.  Shown here are an Ugnaught, Lobot, Bespin Security Guards, Cloud Car Pilot, Wilrow Hood, Bespin Leia, IG Assassin Droid and Medical Bay Luke.

If anyone else has some customs they’d like to show off, please comment!

Showcasing A Fan’s Dioramas

A recent reader of my humble blog was kind enough to send me some pics of a few dioramas he has built for enjoying his Galactic Heroes.  Michael Davis of Southern California created some great pieces, particularly a 3′ x 3′ display of Hoth.  His enjoyment of Star Wars even extends to his local Star Wars fan group, the Amargosa Creek Star Wars Club, which has a membership of around 70 kids.  They recently conducted a blood drive for the American Red Cross and had a lot of success.  If you are interested in commissioning Michael to have something made for yourself, feel free to contact him at or check out Mike’s Galactic Heroes.  Enjoy the pics!

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