Grab a Twofer at Toys R Us

TRUYou better get your butt to Toy R Us this weekend where they’ve got the Galactic Heroes 2-packs on sale at the wallet friendly price of 2 for $9.99.  Whether you need to fill a couple holes in your collection or surprise the kids, now’s the time to stock up!  Keep in mind this price is for two days only: Friday, Nov 6th to Saturday, Nov 7th.


2 Cinema Scenes Found at Ross Stores

RossLogo I’ve read a few reports at JediDefender and Hasbro Heroes that a couple of older sets have been discovered at Ross stores for a very nice price of $8.99.  The great looking Rancor and AT-RT sets have been found, so you may be pleasantly surprised if you check out a Ross store in your area.

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