This blog is a news and reference site about the Hasbro’s junior line of Star Wars figures called Galactic Heroes.  My focus to begin with is providing the latest news and checklists in both alphabetical and chronological form, but I plan to expand it by adding photos of each figure as well.  So keep coming back as it grows!

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  1. Michael says:

    Kudos to you my friend. I too am a Galactic Heroes collector and yes me and my kids do play with some of the toys (usually my doubles and ships) I have all of the two packs to date and 11 cinema scenes AND the original Playskol releases. Great to see someone finally creating a site for this wonderful line. Obviously it is still doing well for Hasbro/Lucas to keep the line going. I look forward to stopping by often.

    Thanks for your hard work-
    Michael (aka mojomann)

  2. Brian says:

    I saw this today on Yoda News but did not know where I should post this info about the TRU exclusive Cinema Scenes that have been MIA (they were supposed to be on-shelf in August):

    YN: Any word as to when we might see those missing Galactic Heroes sets? The “Kamino Showdown” and “Purchase of Droids” sets were supposed to show up at TRU stores in August hit the shelf? So far we have neither heard nor seen anything. Have these sets been cancelled? Please say NO. Thanks!

    Hasbro: It’s taken a while for the previous TRU Galactic heroes Cinema Scenes to move through retail, but right now we are looking at March on-shelf. We have packaged samples ourselves so they should be shipping soon if all goes well.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    I LOVe the little guys and build diorama/playsets to go with them Send me an email and I’ll send you pictures. I’ve got a 3’x3′ death star, 3’x3′ Mos Eisley with cantina, former 3’x3′ Hoth that is now three separate playsets, and many smaller display/play sets – garbage compactor, Order 66, Mos Eisley, etc.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    I sent the pics. Did you get them?

    • vadercollector says:

      I’d be glad to make a post on the front page — I should be able to do that on Thursday — they’re great customs!

  5. Brian says:

    Have you spotted wave 8 in retail stores. I have been searching TRU, WM & Target and can not find them. I have seen them up on Hasbro, but the last two times I ordered from them they screwed up the order. I see the Entertainment Earth is sold out as well. Just curious.

    • vadercollector says:

      Yes, I believe it was a couple months ago that I lucked upon them at TRU. I haven’t seen them for a while since then though. I would hope that Hasbro will ship them again before the new waves arrive in August.

  6. Mike Davis says:

    Who is in wave 8? I just aura sing and cad bane on eBay but they were in Australia.

    • vadercollector says:

      Wave 8 includes Vader/Stormtrooper, Obi-Wan/Fil, Anakin/ARF Trooper and Gunner Trooper/Jetpack Droid, which are still in stock at SciFiGenre!

  7. GH Customs says:

    Mike how much did you have to pay for them including shipping?

  8. Mike Davis says:


    I see them all the time in stores where I live. I’d be happy to buy and ship if you’d like. Just saw them yesterday.

    • brian says:

      Where do you live. I have been traveling quite a bit for work and have been checking where ever I am. No luck in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta or Philly.

  9. Mike Davis says:

    Sorry Brian. I live in the LA area. Just got the AT-AT and 4 new 2-packs at my TRU

  10. GH Dad says:

    Please post or take a look at updated pictures. Endor is now complete.

  11. Mike Davis says:

    Check out this website! There are more pictured!

  12. Mike Davis says:

    Oh. I take it back. You alreay know.

  13. TheYodaMan says:

    This is my new favorite site!! Thanks for doing this!!!

  14. MarvelMe says:

    I have a question in regards to the Galactic Heroes set Jedi Starfighter. I just purchased one and realized it didn’t come with the Battle Driod figure. I noticed on this site it mentioned that not all sets contained this figure. I can’t seem to find any for sale that do. Do you think it may just be a misprint on the box or does anyone know if one ever really came with this set? Also if so, what does it look like? Maybe I could pick it up loose on eBay. Thanks!

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