Griffin’s Galactic Heroes

Our beloved Galactic Heroes just beg to be displayed, right?  Well, I received a link to Griffin’s Galactic Heroes where he has created some great dioramas:

Hoth Battle Playset

Cantina Scene Playset

Check ’em out and enjoy!

GH Animated Series Officially “Unconfirmed”

It looks like Hasbro doesn’t want to get involved in any questions regarding the rumoured upcoming animated Galactic Heroes TV show.  The following question was asked during the recent Q&A session:

From The Private Universe:

Q2) News is breaking of a new TV animation series based on Galactic Heroes toys. Are there any plans to relaunch, repackage, add new characters or anything else that Hasbro is doing related to this new series that you can share with us?

A2)This series has not been confirmed by Lucasfilm. Until it is, we don’t have any comments.

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