AT-ST: A Vehicle With No Home?

The bad news for the AT-ST continues.   Now it appears that not only is the Hoth AT-ST Assault set delayed, but perhaps even cancelled as an exclusive with Kohl’s!  A member of the site, Mike, claims he was in contact with Hasbro and they confirmed the deal has fallen through with the US retailer and no longer has an expected release date.  Perhaps this will be actually be a blessing and Hasbro can find a more toy-focused retailer to get this onto the market.  However, please keep in mind nothing is written in stone yet…

I recently attempted to get this site added to the monthly Q&A session that Hasbro conducts with a number of collecting sites, but unfortunately they (kindly) denied us access since it is at its maximum capacity at this point.  So now is the time for fans of Galactic Heroes to request your favourite Star Wars websites ask about the future of the AT-ST!

AT-ST Delayed in the US

Some disappointing news for us waiting for the AT-ST in North America — JediNews has confirmed the Scout Walker’s release as a Kohl’s exclusive has been delayed this fall.  No word yet on when we should expect it, but it may be worth the delay if Hasbro can find a better retailer for it.

AT-ST Spotted on eBay

Great news for all of us waiting (impatiently) for the upcoming AT-ST!  It has been spotted on ebay from a UK seller.  Once an item makes its way onto ebay, it usually means we will be seeing it at retail in the next few weeks.  So I’d say it’s time to make Kohl’s a regular stop on your toy hunts in the next while.  Thanks to Nikto for the heads up!

Edit – Readers from the UK will be interested to know that the AT-ST is exclusive to Argos, as explained by JediNews.

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