Wishlist #2: Figures!

OK, so we’ve tackled the vehicles we’d like to see make in Galactic Heroes scale, but now it’s time to get down to the meat of the matter, the figures themselves!  I’m going to open the floor to any idea you guys and gals can come up with, whether it’s characters that have never been in GH form before, or even versions you’d like to see redone.  Use your imagination!  Let’s go with a Top 20 – if you can’t come up with that many, no problem, just suggest what you want in the Comments section.

Vehicle Wishlist – The Results!

I’ve got to say that I was amazed and impressed with all the vehicles that people want to see made!  So what was the number one choice?  With 16 votes, it was the Republic Gunship!  That certainly makes sense, considering its importance in the prequels and especially in the current Clone Wars cartoon.  But very close behind in 2nd place with 14 votes was the TIE Fighter, the workhorse of the Empire.  The TIE was this blogger’s personal number 1 choice. 😉

Here is the Top 10:

  • Republic Gunship
  • TIE Fighter
  • Sandcrawler
  • A-Wing
  • Imperial Shuttle
  • Star Destroyer
  • TIE Bomber
  • Death Star
  • Landspeeder
  • Y-Wing Fighter (Original Trilogy)

And for the curious, to round out the Top 15:

  • Anakin’s Podracer
  • Grievous’ Wheelbike
  • Bantha
  • Sail Barge
  • Twilight / Vulture Droid  (tied)

Thanks again to everyone that participated, and watch for another wishlist coming very soon.

Vehicle Wishlist – Let’s get your ideas!

I’ve decided it’s time to make this place a little more interactive.  Hasbro has become more involved with the online community and what they want to see from various toy lines, so why don’t we let them know what Galactic Heroes need to be made?  We’ll start with vehicles.  And we’ll make this fairly easy – suggest up to 10 vehicles you want, simply by posting in the comments (less than 10 is fine, whatever you can come up with).  Let’s see how many ideas we can generate before the end of October!  I’d like to thank a regular reader, GH Customs, for his encouragement to get this started.

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