Galactic Heroes AT-AT, Canadian Style

Yesterday was a very good day for this Galactic Heroes collector — the AT-AT showed up at my local Walmart and I’m a tad excited about adding this kickass toy to my collection.  Here’s a  look at the packaging as designed for the Canadian market.  Enjoy!

And a day later, they’re on the shelves!

After just reporting the Purchase of the Droids and Kamino Showdown sets being displayed at SDCC, they’ve been found at retail!  And the AT-AT as well!

Check out the great boxed images from briggsith at  He’s also got carded shots of the new 2-packs, so be sure to check them out!

Preview Night at Comic Con

2010’s edition of the San Diego Comic Con has begun!  Wednesday is the traditional Preview Night, and a number of sites have some great pics of Hasbro’s displays.  Check out TNI to see all the newest 2-packs and the AT-AT on display.  One very encouraging thing is the presence of the Purchase of the Droids and the Kamino Showdown Cinema Scenes – they really are coming!  And I was starting to give up on them, shame on me.  ; )

Carded Pics of Wave 1

We’ve seen them loose, but now you can get a look at Wave 1’s figures in their carded form.  Jedi News has 3 nice pics of the entire wave!  Hasbro has gone back to the original card colours of 2004 with the black and white logo with blue highlights and the green mini logo’d insert.  There is the small blue Hasbro logo this time, so they are slightly different.

Snootles Gets Shunned

It appears that the Hasbro team has no plans to complete Jabba’s band.  We received Max Rebo and Droopy McCool in the ‘Jabba’s Sail Barge’ Cinema Scene, but it Sy Snootles is not on the radar anytime soon, as reported by SirStevesGuide in the Q&A:

SSG: Now that you’ve made Galactic Heroes figures of Max Rebo and Droopy McCool, there is a hole in the band. Why did Sy Snootles get left out of the set? Might Hasbro consider rounding out the original trio of palace band members by making a Sy Snootles Galactic Heroes figure? She would go great in a 2 pack with any of Jabba’s more prominent minions (Tessek, Ephant Mon, or Ree-Yees for instance) or perhaps Oola or cloak-wearing Luke. Seeing as these more obscure Galactic Heroes figures are fan-driven, if you were to make a Sy figure would it be based on her classic “vintage” appearance?

Hasbro: We have no plans to make a Sy Snootles or some of the other figures. Galactic Heroes seems to be overwhelmingly kid-driven, and aside from a few 2-packs with relatively obscure characters later this year, we’ll be sticking to known and recognized characters going forward.

Wave 1 Hits US Pegs!

I received my first report of the new 2-packs hitting the pegs in the US!  Michael reports that he found the new sets from “Wave 1” at his Toys R Us in Columbia, Mo.  This seems to follow reports of select TRUs allowing figures from The Vintage Collection and Saga Legends onto their shelves ahead of the supposed release date of August 6.  As the saying goes, your mileage may vary, but it’s certainly worth keeping a closer eye on your local Toys R Us.

The Broken Record Skips Again…

The Toys R Us exclusive Cinema Scenes that we’ve been waiting for for months have been pushed back to August.  Anyone else annoyed?  It certainly makes sense that these would be released at the same time as the rest of the 2010 Star Wars launch, but it’s just getting a little old hearing that they are being delayed.  Again.

From Hasbro’s recent Q&A: (Mark): I know that I am beginning to sound like a broken record when it comes to these new Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes; but we are now going on June with no sign of the “Kamino Showdown” and “Purchase of the Droids” sets. In a previous Q&A, you told us that we would be seeing these sets back in March. I am beginning to worry that these are going to be cancelled; but you have already told us that you have the packaged samples and that they are ready to go to retail once Toys R Us clears out some older Cinema Scenes sets. Please tell me that that is still the case!! Mesa wants to get my grubby paws on those awesome sets. Thanks!

Hasbro: There was still too much of the previous Cinema Scenes on shelf so the original ship date was pushed out while the existing stick cleared out. It should be all set now, and they are shipping to support an 8/1 on shelf.

Mandalorian 2-Pack Image Surfaces

Thanks to, we finally get a look at the Mandalorian 2-pack from the upcoming Wave 2.  It includes Pre Vizsla and Mandalorian Warrior from The Clone Wars cartoon!

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