No TIE Interceptor… Yet

Jeff at Han’s Hideout asked a great question of Hasbro in their Q&A regarding a possible TIE Interceptor in the future.  Unfortunately, it’s not in the works yet.  But they liked the suggestion, so hopefully this will bode well for my own personal interest in a TIE Fighter!

Here’s the quote:

A question from one of my boys – Will you make a new Galactic Heroes “TIE Fighter with the bendy wings” [aka a TIE Interceptor]? Liam, Age 3.

** That’s a great question. We don’t have one in the works, but it does fit the profile of a vehicle that would make a great impact in the Cinema Scene assortment. We’ll discuss it with the team. Thanks for the suggestion…tell your boy it was an excellent choice and that we hope we can make him happy. Just make sure he stays into Galactic Heroes for a few more years!

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