Will the AT-AT arrive in 2010 after all? Yes!

The Galactic Heroes AT-AT may be showing up this year instead of 2011 as Hasbro previously claimed in their Q&A. According to Rebelscum‘s rumor report, the AT-AT is currently being shown at the UK Toy Fair.  They claim the AT-AT will include both a Speeder and a Driver, which is reflective of the packaging that was shown previously at the Canadian Toy Fair.  If this vehicle is being showcased again, perhaps it means we will be seeing it sooner than 2011.  This is speculation of course, but it certainly gets this bloggers hopes up!

Feb 4th Edit – Thanks to Brian for pointing out that Hasbro has indeed confirmed the AT-AT is coming in 2010!  JediNews asked this very question and we should be seeing the AT-AT around August 1st 2010.  Fantastic!

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