Galactic Heroes AT-AT, Canadian Style

Yesterday was a very good day for this Galactic Heroes collector — the AT-AT showed up at my local Walmart and I’m a tad excited about adding this kickass toy to my collection.  Here’s a  look at the packaging as designed for the Canadian market.  Enjoy!


4 Responses to Galactic Heroes AT-AT, Canadian Style

  1. Stormi says:

    saw it at my local Target today

  2. Brian says:

    I just picked it up along with a couple of two packs I needed from Wave 8. Still was not able to get the CLone Gunner/Battledroid w/Jetpack.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    LOVE THE AT-AT!!! Does anyone know where the Purchase of the Droids and Kamino Showdown are being sold? Are they a TRU exclusive?
    Also, I’ve got a website up for my playsets. Over the next few months I hope to finish them all. Most of the pictures are old so within the next week i’ll have all updated photos as most of the sets are finished or very close as the current pictures don’t indicate. Become a memeber on my site and you’ll get the updates.

  4. GH Customs says:

    MD … the droids and kamino sets are on TRU website with free shipping .. search cinema scenes

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