Vehicle Wishlist – Let’s get your ideas!

I’ve decided it’s time to make this place a little more interactive.  Hasbro has become more involved with the online community and what they want to see from various toy lines, so why don’t we let them know what Galactic Heroes need to be made?  We’ll start with vehicles.  And we’ll make this fairly easy – suggest up to 10 vehicles you want, simply by posting in the comments (less than 10 is fine, whatever you can come up with).  Let’s see how many ideas we can generate before the end of October!  I’d like to thank a regular reader, GH Customs, for his encouragement to get this started.


22 Responses to Vehicle Wishlist – Let’s get your ideas!

  1. Keonobi says:

    The Twilight
    TIE Fighter
    Y-Wing (Original Trilogy)
    TIE Bomber
    Anakin’s Podracer
    Sebulba’s Podracer

  2. Andre' Rodrigue says:

    Galactic Heroes Vehicle Wish List:
    1. A-Wing Fighter- I’ve waited 10 years for one of these, Like a no-brainer it’s so cool. Size it smaller than the X-Wing.
    2. TIE Interceptor- Best of the TIEs. Also, it would fit the
    current Hasbro packaging better than a TIE Fighter. Could be put in a two-pack w/ an A-Wing. -this would kill me with joy-
    3. Republic Gunship- Gotta have them. They are almost
    ubiquitous in prequel stories. I have clones to transport!
    4. Y-Wing Fighter (rebellion era)- One word: Snazzy 5. Medical Frigate playset- A la ROTJ

  3. GH Customs says:

    1. TIE Fighter
    2. Sandcrawler – with a Bantha and Landspeeder
    3. Twin Pod Cloud Car
    4. Medical Frigate – with 2-1B and FX-7 droids and a Bacta tank
    5. Republic Gunship – with decals to customize
    6. Emperor’s Shuttle – and a Rebel Endor version
    7. Rebel Transport
    8. Imperial Star Destroyer
    9. Battle droid troop carrier
    10. Death Star

  4. GH Customs says:

    11. Jabba’s Sail barge – with the remainder of the band!!!!!

  5. TooN says:

    Lo JV 🙂

    1. Tie Fighter
    2. Y-wing
    3. B-wing
    4. Sandcrawler
    5. Imperial shuttle craft
    6. Tie Bomber
    7. Tie Defender
    8. Star Destroyer
    9. A-wing
    10. Death Star (opening playset)

  6. Nikto says:

    1. Republic Gunship
    2. TIE Fighter
    3. Sandcrawler
    4. Vulture Droid – Anakin and Obi-Wan need something to shoot down!
    5. Droid Tri-Fighter – Again Anakin and Obi-Wan need something to shoot down!

    In reality all my two sons and I really want is a Republic Gunship!!!!

  7. The Stolen CCG License says:

    Nikto stole my list! Right down to the only thing on my two sons’ list would also be a Gunship… And my personal love of the droid fighters (which could be fudged so small that one could fit into a traditional 2-pack blister).

    The entire reason we even collect this line in my house can probably be traced back to the speeder bikes in Fast Through the Forest. So here’s my top 10 ride-ons wishlist:

    1. BARC Speeder
    2. Bantha
    3. Kaadu
    4. Anakin’s Podracer
    5. Greivous Wheelbike
    6. MUCH smaller, barely-articulated AT-RT
    7. Boga
    8. Dooku’s Bike
    9. SOTE style Swoop
    10. Luke’s Landspeeder*

    *If I could imagine a satisfying and small Luke’s Landspeeder, it would obviously jump to the top of this list. Ben behind Luke? No Ben? Footpegs on the rear bumper for the droids? Maybe space/shape the engines such that the droids sorta snap/rest between them?

  8. ARBCOToys says:

    Two vehicle I really want.

    The Republic Gunship that can hold a squad of Clones and Dash Rendar’s Outrider….with Dash Rendar.

  9. Brian says:

    Turbo Tank
    Sand Crawler
    Tie Fighter
    Tie Bomber
    Republic Gunship
    Tantive IV
    Trade Fesderation AAT
    Vulture Droid
    Tri Fighter

  10. Bionic Commando says:

    The Outrider!!! We need it and a Dash Rendar figure asap!

  11. Brian Hoover says:

    I’m all for Anakin’s podracer, and some other podracers. If they could make them remote controlled then you could have real races!

  12. #1Galacticherofan says:

    1. Greivous ship
    2. droid carrier
    3. republic gunship
    4. greivous wheel bike
    5. crab droid
    6. at-te walker
    7. homing spider droid
    8. corporate alliance tank droid
    9. hailfire droid
    10. spha-t

  13. Bob S. says:

    0. A non-Kohls exclusive AT-ST that I might actually have a chance of finding.
    1. Republic Gunship
    2. Turbo Tank
    3. Imperial Star Destroyer
    4. Trade Federation AAT.
    5. Standard Tie Fighter

  14. Obi Want says:

    1- Republic Gunship – we need a ship for all the troopers! This is a no brainer…it so current with the CW series. It could even be repackaged with multiple color schemes.
    2- Imperial Star Destroyer – we need a massive ship to fight the Falcon. A room centerpiece. Do not fear size!
    3- Imperial Shuttle – The Emperor needs his transport, NOW!
    4- Advanced Tie Fighter

  15. ShaakB says:

    Hi. I’m new here, but I agree with the other posts:
    1. Republic Gunship
    2. Twilight
    3. Vulture Droid
    4. Tie Defender
    5. Death Star

  16. Myrddin says:

    In addition to vehicles, I’d like to see some playsets. 🙂

    1. Jabba’s Sail Barge
    2. TIE Fighter
    3. Death Star (combo of both is fine (detention cell, trash compactor, and throne room) with a “target area” when you hit, part of the outside panels “blow” off. 🙂 I’m imagining a 360 GH version of the Lego DS.
    4. Republic Gunship
    5. Landspeeder + Bantha cinema scene
    6. Jawa Landcrawler
    7. (plastic) Mos Eisley Cantina
    8. Could City playset

    But most of all, I’d like for them to re-release some of the older vehicles (like Naboo fighter, Darth Vader TIE, etc). There’s no way I’m buying that stuff off ebay for my kids to tear up…

  17. Mike Davis says:

    Tie fighter
    Cloud car
    Tri fighter
    Tie bomber landspeeder

  18. Grendelspyce says:

    1.) Grievous’ Wheelbike
    2.) Boga
    3.) Republic Gunship
    4.) Movie accurate (i.e., side-mounted instead of centrally mounted R4) Obi-Wan starfighter from AOTC, w/ Hyperspace Docking Ring
    5.) ANH Y-Wing
    6.) ANH TIE Fighter (white)
    7.) ANH Landspeeder
    8.) Twilight
    9.) Jawa Sandcrawler
    10.) Vulture Droid

  19. Rufus says:

    Tie- Defender
    Tie-Fighter/ or tie Interceptor
    Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
    Imperial Landing Craft
    Little Imperial Base with Turbo Laser Tower
    Republic Gunship
    Droid Gunship
    Cad Bane`s Xanadu/ or Magna Guard Fighter

  20. G Davis says:

    It would be so awesome if Hasbro listened to us and created GH versions of our favorite vehicles! Here is my list:
    Jabba’s Sail Barge ( Entire ship)
    TIE fighter
    Luke’s ANH Landspeeder
    Jawa Sandcrawler
    Imperial Star Destroyer
    Rupublic Gunship
    Anakin’s Podracer
    Death Star ( With removable side for Death Star II!)
    General Grievous’ Wheel Bike
    (Better) Naboo Starfighter

  21. Brendan says: te. 8.venator class republic
    2.a – wing. Cruiser
    3.Grievos wheel Bike. 9. Y -wing (original
    4.death star. Trilogy)
    5.Anakins Pod racer. 10.imperial shuttle
    6.Jabbas Sail Barge
    7.imperial star destroyer

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