A Look at the New Jedi Force

Jedi Force pics at HansHideout.comThere’s little doubt that Toy Fair was disappointing for me — it brought us the end of the Galactic Heroes.  Perhaps I suspected that this was coming since we’ve had absolutely no news about the line for months, but I certainly didn’t want to believe it.  So it’s taken me a couple days to adjust to the news.  (Sheesh, you’d think a family member had died the way I’m acting).

So what are we left with?  Hasbro is going to replace the line to compete head to head with Fisher Price’s Imaginext line by creating figures that are in a similar style, renaming the line as Jedi Force.

It’s taken me a little time to look at these figures objectively, but I can see these are actually pretty neat looking figures.  They have much more articulation that the Galactic Heroes figures did, making them easier to fit in the accompanying vehicles.   They’ve actually reissued the Snowspeeder and Anakin’s Starfighter, so obviously the vehicles will continue to fit right in with the Galactic Heroes ships we’ve already got.  I guess I’m feeling renewed optimism.

To give you a look at these figures, I’m linking you to the pics taken by Jeff at Han’s Hideout.  He’s done a great job of showcasing these new figures, including Hasbro’s other Playskool Heroes lines: Marvel Comics’ Super Hero Adventures and Transformers’ Rescue Bots.

12 Responses to A Look at the New Jedi Force

  1. Rob says:

    You know, I really like that Freeco (sp?) speeder. It looks to be smaller and better in scale with Galactic Heroes than either of the Jedi Starfighters or the Snowspeeder. I like the Landspeeder too, though now I wish I hadn’t spent all that time scaling up the old BK one…

    I think that the “Jedi Force” line will be a blessing in disguise. Plenty worse lines to copy than Imaginext. (I’m liking the asteroids included in the Falcon…) Just think, no more buying Cinema Scenes with six figures you already have to get the one or two new ones, and hopefully we’ll get some really cool, Galactic Heroes Compatble beasts, vehicles and even (wow!) playsets.

  2. Bethany says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one moping around. I am so sad to see the little guys go. I was hoping for some Clone Wars characters.

  3. Brian says:

    I am very disappointed that the GH’s are coming to an end. I was similarly disappointed when the Mighty Muggs ended as well. I like some of the new vehicles that will be added to the Jedi force line, but I can not see buying more of the basic figures. I already have about 9 or 10 Luke, Darths and R2D2’s in order to build troops. I hope with this new line they offer more diverse characters.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    Those things SUCK!!! I want my AT-ST!

  5. Grendelspyce says:

    I’ll probably grab the Landspeeder because it’s CRIME they never made one for the GH’s. I’ll pass on the others (unless a truly awesome TIE fighter shows up).

  6. Brendan says:

    Guys I got the answer to my email. They said that there are currently no plans to discontinue galactic heroes! I don’t know if the rumours were wrong or if hasbros confused but I hope the rumours were wrong!

  7. Brendan says:

    Does anyone know if they’re cancellation was just a rumour? Did hasbro anounce it or did people assume it because nothing appeared at toy fair?

  8. UrbanJedi says:

    This is from the official Hasbro Presentation at Toy Fair http://www.rebelscum.com/TF2011/Hasbropresentation/image31.asp

  9. Really_Rather_Not_Nice says:

    I feel your pain brother. Hang in there. There is still value in the world.

    I mean… not much… but it’s out there.

  10. Craig says:

    I e-mailed Hasbro asking if there was any chance the at-st would still be released under the “galactic heroes” label here in the US -or- if it might be relesed under the “Jedi Force” line.
    I received the following reply:

    Thank you for contacting Hasbro.

    The Star Wars Galactic Heroes AT-ST is tentatively schedule for release summer 2011. All dates are subject to change.

    I want to assure you that we are dedicated to maintaining quality products and service. I hope you and your family will continue to enjoy our products for many years to come.

    Again, thank you for contacting us.
    Response (Charlotte) 04/07/2011 12:28 PM

    So there is still hope!

  11. GH Customs says:

    Pics are surfacing of the new Jedi Force vehicles boxed sets … and it seems that the vehicles come with a mini diorama similar to our old cinema scenes … there are also indications that the vehicles will be under $20 … the Snowspeeder is a repaint of the GH version … lets hope that there are some new releases announced at SDCC in July!!!

  12. Mags says:

    I noticed that the Galactic Heroes lines were looking a little sparse at the toy stores/Target/Walmart lately!! I’m bummed they discontinued this line – I think we had all of them by now!! 😉

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