Toy Fair is Coming!

Arguably the biggest toy event of the year, Toy Fair is coming next week!  Taking place in New York as always, 2011’s version runs from Sun Feb 13 to Wed Feb 16.  It is a chance for toy manufacturers to really show off the items coming up for the year, and Hasbro is always a huge participant.  Which means this is a great opportunity for us to learn about their plans for our beloved Galactic Heroes for 2011.  And a chance for us to speculate about what they will reveal — so what do you want to see?


6 Responses to Toy Fair is Coming!

  1. GH Customs says:

    We will see if any of our Wish List figures or vehicles are coming … maybe Hasbro took notice 🙂

  2. Sev and Scorch pack and the LAATi Gun Ship. Doubt the second will happen, but probably the first.

  3. Brendan says:

    Sev and scorch
    Savage Opress and Mother Talzin
    Dathromir Witch and Feral
    The Son and The Daughter

  4. The Stolen CCG License says:

    Crap. Can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

    From Rebelscum:

    Galactic HEroes
    This line is ending. To be replaced with new small JEDI FORCE figures. 2-packs, vehicle sets. Looks like the older figures, shrunk down.

  5. The Stolen CCG License says:

    PLLEEEEEEAAAASSSSEE get that stupid AT-ST out somewhere in the USA.

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